About the Tonalta Calendar

Q:  What dates are Tonalta closed? 
A: For a complete list of dates Tonalta is closed, and to view other Tonalta events, you can view the Tonalta Calendar.  

Q:  How do you determine the dates you are open and closed?  
A:  When setting our calendar for the year, we use the Nederland ISD and Port Neches Groves ISD academic calendars as a guide.   When the schools close, in many cases, Tonalta closes as well.  We do not always follow the ISD calendars, however.  For example, we usually close on Halloween night because we have found that many of our students miss that night.  

Q:  Do you give a refund for dates when Tonalta is closed.
A:  No.  Tonalta tuition is based on 4-week months. When we set the calendar for the year, we work to make the schedule contain an average of 4 weeks in each month.  In most cases, where there is a holiday in a month, elsewhere in the semester there is a month with 5 weeks.  In some cases, we may also prorate the first or last month of the semester to compensate for missed dates.