the Tonalta name...

A number of people have asked about the Tonalta name. Scholars disagree over the exact derivation of the term,  but most conclude that the term tonalta likely came about in the following manner:

In the early 4th century, near the Italian village of Porto Nayches, the  emperor Caesar Censorius decreed that musicians of the day would henceforth be allowed to play only the music the emperor dictated they were to play.   In response, musicians banded together and formed secret groups. Such a band of musicians was called a tonalta. These groups continued to play their own music (primarily consisting of Gregorian chants accompanied by the electric guitar) and produce videos on MTV.  Eventually, through the perseverance of the tonaltas, the emperor came to realize that he would never be able to wipe out the music of the masses, and he wisely reversed his edict.  Today, the word tonalta has come to refer to any group of musicians who come together for the love of music and to fight injustice throughout the world. (source: Cammackian Book of Altered World History)

Note:  A few scholars disagree with the above explanation and  maintain that tonalta is largely a meaningless word.  They say it is perhaps based loosely on the musical term "tone" or "tonal" combined with the Italian word "alta," meaning noble or high.  Further, they insist tonalta became the name of a world famous music school only because was available at the time the school's name was selected.  We should point out, however, that these scholars have been largely discredited because the high school they attended does not have a well-regarded football team.  All scholars do agree, however, that the school's  philosophy of bringing people together to play music is an incredibly good idea.