The Tonalta Philosophy


Come together and play.  The Tonalta philosophy is all about bringing people together to experience music. At Tonalta, we believe that we learn better when we learn together.  We firmly believe that music training is better when it is a shared experience.  


At Tonalta, you will strum your first chord, sing your first verse, or pound out your first drum fill, but, soon you’ll be playing together with others.  We've created an exciting and dynamic environment that continually recharges the desire to learn and play music.  The truth is, it takes time and practice to succeed and it’s not always easy to maintain a high level of motivation and enthusiasm. Classes and lessons at Tonalta are designed to make music interactive and fun.  At Tonalta, students interact with others experiencing similar challenges.   As we see others succeeding, we learn that we too can succeed. Not only do you receive the finest musical training, but Tonalta serves as your central musical support group, offering much needed inspiration and motivation to the aspiring musician.

The Tonalta Program


The Tonalta method provides a “parallel curriculum” where students learn similar concepts at similar times. For example, beginner keyboard classes are taught the same chords as the beginner guitar classes. At first, students can learn with others playing the same instrument. However, very quickly, students can begin playing with others in a band environment.


Opportunities to Perform


Perform early and perform often.  At Tonalta, we believe it is important to frequently showcase an artist’s skills. In learning music, rewards need to be as immediate and as tangible as possible. Throughout the year, Tonalta students perform live concerts in Tonalta’s on-site performance stage. Complete with audience seating, professional lighting, and state-of-the-art sound equipment, the performance stage gives students the opportunity to produce live performances in a concert setting.


Tonalta Bands


A unique aspect of the Tonalta program are the Tonalta bands*. As students progress, they have the opportunity to participate in groups where they learn to play together as a band. Experienced musicians conduct these sessions. In these groups, students begin to explore a variety of musical styles and genres.  Tonalta bands perform in area venues and events, such as the Nederland Heritage Festival, Groves Pecan Festival, Riverfest, and Southeast Texas State Fair. The bands also record audio and music videos. Check out the Tonalta bands page for the latest on Tonalta bands!


*  positions in  performance groups may be limited and an additional charge may apply.  See Tonalta General Information and Policies for more details.


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